Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spur of the Moment=Exhaustion!

Well, we are crazy...we thought it would be a fun idea to go camping down at the campground that my parents manage here in town. After all, it was only a few blocks away-how hard could it be? (Hahaha). The end result was 2 pretty tired parents, but happy kids who had a super fun weekend. Next time, I'd like to be able to stay for longer than 1 night though-just to make the hard work more worthwhile. Here are some pictures from last night:

Jake, Cammy and Ty watching "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" in the tent trailer-popcorn compliments of their loving mother. :)

Grandpa trying to teach Jake how to roll down the hill!

Jake and his best friend in the whole world-his cousin Theran. These two are the cutest little pair you have ever met. They LOVE each other and their interactions are so adorable. My sister in law and I just sit back and watch the show, laughing the whole time. They are the cutest little boys EVER!

One of my sweetest moments as a mother, came last night as Jeremy and I watched these 3 ride off into the sunset together on their bikes. A wave of emotion hit me and I was so grateful when I thought of them and saw how much they were loving each other at that very moment. It made me feel so peaceful and happy-like maybe it is possible that they really will grow up to love each other! :)

On yet another note-we got to go to church today and teach our Sunbeams! Last week was Stake Conference and the week before that we were camping in Pincher Creek, so it had been 3 weeks since we had seen the little guys. There was a little trepidation on their part and they weren't so eager to come in and sit down with us at first, but that turned around quickly and pretty soon we were having a great time together. They were all so reverent today! We had 10 3/4 year olds and it didn't even seem like there were 2. We really couldn't ask for better behaved kids! I LOVE the primary lessons-especially Sunbeams. Nothing like going back to the basics. Today we taught 1 1/2 page lesson about feelings. I love that the lessons are simple but so powerful. There were lots of things I needed to hear! It was so short, but we STILL ran out of time-such is life with little ones. They say the darndest things at the most inappropriate times, but that is part of what I love about this calling. At one point today, 3 of the little boys all had to go to the bathroom at the same time and it nearly turned into complete pandemonium. Luckily any accidents were averted and all 3 were able to make it to the washroom just in the nick of time. Lol. Anyhow-I think I'm about to fall asleep at my computer and it's only 8pm....time for bed I guess! I can only hope that what I have written is cohesive enough for you to interpret. :D xoxoxo

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Gayla Woolf Holt said...

What great memories you are creating for your kids even if just camping for one night!
Love the pictures!
Sunbeams are the funny about the bathroom and the three little boys. High fives to you wonderful teachers!!!!