Friday, June 4, 2010

"Gratitude is the Essence of Worship"

Here's what I am grateful for today:

1. I am SO grateful for my family. My husband, my children, my mother, my father and my amazing siblings and siblings-in-law. :)
2. I am thankful I was able to go to Pincher Creek for my neice's birthday party this afternoon and that all my children got along and were well-behaved. (Well, except Jake in Walmart, but he is 2, so it is to be expected that shopping isn't his favorite thing!)
3. I am grateful for my AMAZING, superhuman husband, who works like a crazy person day after day, after day! Today he had 3 huge jobs, cut up and delivered an entire load of firewood to the campground and took a bunch of our renovation mess to the dump! WHERE does he get his energy?! I have never met someone who is such a hard worker. LOVE the man!
4. I am grateful I was able to drive home safely and get home before it was dark. I have a really hard time driving-it makes me really sleepy and relaxed. Also, at night my eyes are terrible-even with my glasses. I am a scaredy cat, that's for sure! I am trying harder to be more independent though and not rely on Jeremy for so much and tonight I DID IT!!! Yay me!
5. I am super happy and thankful for my new camera. I have wanted a new one forever and this week they had a great deal on a 14MP Fujifilm camera. When I got there the lady told me they'd just sold the last one. I was about to cry (not really) and turned around to go when she said "wait a sec-let me just check one more thing." So she scanned it with her gun and VOILA! They had 2 more in the back. (Only took them 45 min. to find which box and get it to me! haha)
6. I am thankful that my mother is letting us use her garden space this year. The kids and I went and planted a garden for about 3 hours today. I feel so blessed that I was able to teach my children how to plant a garden and I am super excited to watch their excitement as it grows! So funny to think that such tiny little seeds can yield such a huge amount of food.
7. I am thankful for my hottub that is going to make my sore muscles feel great again, as soon as I am done posting this! :D
8. I am thankful for my life-each day is a gift that has not been promised to us and the very breath that we breathe is a tender mercy. I am trying to do better at showing my gratitude, by making each second count. I am not great at it yet but I am getting sooo much better!
9. I am thankful that even though we were all exhausted and even though the kids were 3 hours past bedtime when we got home from Pincher Creek, they still reminded us to have family prayer and read scriptures (I figured it still counts, even if we only read 4 verses! Lol)
10. I am thankful for amazing football kids who continue to let us know how much Jeremy has influenced their lives. Tonight was Graduation and one kid who has a really special place in our hearts, brought his date over to our house and had her take a picture of him, Jeremy and I. WOW-I know a few teenagers and not many who would be so respectful and outwardly grateful! It meant alot to us.

Anyhow-that was my exciting day!!! Oh yes, how could I forget to mention-I purchased the dvd of Mary Poppins tonight. Can't wait to share that childhood happiness with my kids this weekend. I have to laugh right now-every time I say "my kids", I think of this little old man in the nursing home where I used to volunteer. I told him I had 4 "kids" and he said "You mean children!!! What are you raising-a bunch of goats?!" LOL....he was so irritated that I hadn't used better grammar. HAHAHA. Ok, I am exhausted obviously and rambling. So, goodnight blogging world. xoxoxox

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